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Average Trucking Salaries By State

It’s interesting to note that there is very little correlation between average state earnings and trucker’s salaries – for instance, Alaska and Hawaii are among the lowest earning states for truckers, but both are in the top ten highest for general earnings. Similarly, the average Mississippian household only brings in $36,650 (the lowest in the country), but it’s the top place for truckers who average $68,000 a year.

State Wages
(per year)
State Wages
(per year)
State Wages
(per year)
State Wages
(per year)
Hawaii $40,000 Kansas $48,000 Ohio $50,000 Missouri $55,000
Alaska $42,000 Oklahoma $48,000 Florida $50,000 Vermont $55,000
Wisconsin $44,000 South Carolina $48,000 Arkansas $51,000 Connecticut $55,000
Idaho $45,000 North Carolina $48,000 Montana $52,000 Illinois $56,000
Nebraska $45,000 Louisiana $49,000 North Dakota $52,000 Indiana $56,000
Arizona $46,000 Michigan $49,000 Virginia $53,000 Alabama $56,000
Colarado $46,000 Maine $49,000 New Hampshire $53,000 West Virgin $58,000
Washington $47,000 Delaware $49,000 Rhode Island $53,000 Massachusetts $59,000
New Mexico $47,000 Oregon $50,000 New Jersey $53,000 Washington $59,000
South Dak $47,000 Texas $50,000 Maryland $53,000 New York $60,000
Pennsylvania $47,000 Minnesota $50,000 Kentucky $54,000 Wyoming $61,000
Nevada $48,000 Iowa $50,000 Georgia $54,000 Mississipi $68,000
Utah $48,000 Tennessee $50,000 California $55,000

National Average Salaries by Speciality

Average US national Salaries of full-time drivers
Boat haulers $34,000 Household goods drivers $54,000
Vocational drivers $35,000 Local drivers $55,000
Dry van $44,000 Tanker drivers $55,000
Reefer drivers $46,000 Auto haulers $59,000
Team drivers $51,000 Flat bed $60,000
Interstate drivers $53,000 Regional drivers $67,000
Dry bulk pneumatic $53,000 LTL drivers $84,000

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